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Get Transaction Types at Bank

Get Transaction Types for the bank specified by BANK_ID:

Lists the possible Transaction Types available at the bank (as opposed to Transaction Request Types which are the possible ways Transactions can be created by this API Server).

  • id : Unique transaction type id across the API instance. SHOULD be a UUID. MUST be unique.
  • bank_id : The bank that supports this TransactionType
  • short_code : A short code (SHOULD have no-spaces) which MUST be unique across the bank. May be stored with Transactions to link here
  • summary : A succinct summary
  • description : A longer description
  • charge : The charge to the customer for each one of these

Authentication is Optional

Typical Successful Response:

{ "transaction_types":[{ "id":{ "value":"123" }, "bank_id":"PlaceholderString", "short_code":"PlaceholderString", "summary":"PlaceholderString", "description":"PlaceholderString", "charge":{ "currency":"EUR", "amount":"10" } }] }

Possible Errors:
  • OBP-30001: Bank not found. Please specify a valid value for BANK_ID.
  • OBP-50000: Unknown Error.
Implmented in 2_0_0 by getTransactionTypes